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The Relief Squad started as a means to find my friend Brittany after the devastating storm Hurricane Ian. With no service and after having experienced the death of my mom just a year ago, I panicked and was looking for someone to help. After finding no one in the area willing to search and give help, I just started my own mission to go to the eye of the storm and the area of devastation. After finding Brittany safe and sound, people started reaching out on Social Media asking how I got to ground zero aka Fort Myers as just a girl with her jeep. In which I would always reply, "I just went, and you can too". After discovering hundreds of people without federal relief and no mode of transportation, I gathered some friends and thus the relief squad of Cameron Taylor, Alison Bowles, and myself was formed. Realizing we needed more than just 3 to drive around and render aid, we went to social media asking for more help. This squad has grown exponentially now we have created an organized team. We receive tips and go weekly to locations in FMB area that need help the most. If you want to help, please use the contact form or DM us on instagram @HurricaneReliefSquad

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- Victoria Vesce

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