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Diverse Queens

May 2, 2018

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Diverse Queens

May 2, 2018


Hello Beautiful/Handsome Readers! 



 This is a very special blog today! I hope you read and watch. Please comment/like/share! All photos by @In_Vogue_Photography


 Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!



The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.

Felix Mendelssohn


Music is most enjoyable when the mix of notes and chords work harmoniously together creating a masterpiece that would not be the same if one note or chord was missing or changed. It is the same in society with the diversity of women that create it.

Victoria Vesce

Growing up I was a very shy child. When I say very shy, I am talking about hide behind your mama and cling tightly to her leg and refuse to look anyone in the eye kind of shy!  This did not bode well for making friends or having an active social life. Progressing to middle school I was still very shy and thought of as “stuck up” and conceited because of it. I was different and I was therefore ostracized. That’s a very lonely place to be. 


Fast forward to today and you will see that very shy girl grew to be more than she ever imagined and grew to overcome more than she ever thought possible! I learned that if I wanted to begin to enjoy all that life had to offer, I would have to engage in society.  No one understood how hard it was just to make conversation and to let my guard down. Through dance, basketball, soccer, volleyball, beauty pageants and college, I strived little by little to build on small successes to eventually working with the NHL, the NBA, and then starting law school.


One thing that has stood out to me throughout my college and graduate work: people are still trying to put others in a box and tag them with whatever “label” society deems them to be. As I know, those “labels” are most often very wrong. I occasionally may still be considered reserved at times or aloof, but that in no way means I am distant or better than anyone else.