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I’ll get to her Modeling in a second.....

Victoria is not only gorgeous and intelligent but she is simply a genuine and amazing person. It is rare that you find someone who is as beautiful as she is that is as well as down to earth. 

Now...for her modeling!

Bar none the best I have ever shot. She knows the angles of her body and will give you the perfect pose for every shot. Good luck on keeping up with her because she will make you chase her! Pose after pose is on point. The only bad shots I got of her were all my fault.

As a photographer you will be hard pressed to add a better Model to your portfolio.

Tim Hays, Carolina Boudoir


Victoria is great to work with. She knows how to pose well and is comfortable in front of the camera. We always get amazing images!

J. Michael Walker Photography

Victoria is an incredible and versatile model. She’s so quick and exudes confidence, grace and beauty. When she walks into a room everyone stops and reveres her. 

Marquis J. Photography
IMG_0014 2.JPG

Victoria was very professional! She was kind and INCREDIBLY understanding when things did not go as planned! Definitely one of the sweetest most genuine people I have met in a long time! And to top it off she was a great model!!

Staci Reid Photography
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