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Palmetto Girl

True beauty is the light in your soul! Be who you are. Glow 🌼. From the inside out


Finally back to my new home, and it feels so good! The salty air, smelling the fresh seafood and potent jasmine gives me all the feels. I am still getting used to all this humidity, so I definitely have crazy hair at the moment. (Well I always have had crazy hair, but it is more exaggerated haha)

Recovery is picking up and finally walking around like normal! God is good:) It was nice to shoot this set while having a leisurely stroll around downtown.

Sometimes you just have to lay back and enjoy life. I'm so used to a fast pace lifestyle and booking as much as I can to be successful. I think though another key to success is to relax and unwind from time to time. That is something I never do. Taking this time to recover and relax while knowing I still have time to accomplish my dreams, because my life is far from over.



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