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Feel the Chill!

Hi Beauties!

Today I went and got my first treatment of coolsculpting on my inner thighs at Skin Raleigh / Davis And Pyle Plastic Surgery.

They are a part of my body that no matter what I do I cannot shake, whether it is nutrition or high intensity excercise.

I went in and was immediately greeted with a smile and a hug. This office made me feel comfortable through my whole experience.

Coolsculpting was a pain free experience. Alex, the cool sculpting technician, was amazing and walked and talked me through the steps, so I would feel completely comfortable. We took our before pictures, then she applied protective gel, and then the cool sculpting suction and freeze! It was 35 minutes for each thigh, and I watched 13 going on 30 the whole time. I was completely at ease. After the procedure was finished, I was just a little chilly, but I felt great and could walk and move around! I even went and worked out afterwards!

Coolsculpting is a non surgical procedure that freezes the fat cells and kills them in a trouble area for good! This fat ain’t ever coming back honey.

I did my inner thighs not because I hated them, but because they were a trouble area meaning ‘chaffing’ and discomfort. This procedure will help reduced that for me for now on!

I cannot wait to see the results! 💕 Thank you Skin Raleigh/ Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgey for an amazing experience!


Victoria Vesce

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