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Love Yourself

You gotta nourish to flourish! 

Self-Love can be something that can take some time, especially with Social Media giving us a false sense of ideals/reality at times.

Loving yourself isn’t narcissistic or cocky. Self-Love is about loving who YOU are in your own skin through your flaws and all. 

I used to have this high standard of perfection for myself. I am a perfectionist in general. If It didn’t fit the mold I intend, then I would be upset, throw it away, or critique myself even more.

Then I went through a traumatic experience of randomly being diagnosed with two rare tumors that are part of a deadly disease. It took that experience to change my whole perspective.

My perspective is to be REAL and who I really am. Cut out this perfectionist ideal and stop critiquing.

As we approach Valentine’s, especially as a single woman, it can be hard to adjust. 

But just focus on the positive in your life and the negatives will adjust. Love yourself and all your beauty and endurance, because If you cant love yourself first then it will be hard to love another.

This was just some coffee drinking thoughts from me!

I hope you enjoy your week and until next time!!!


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