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What is your Why!?

Good morning !!! I’m sitting here at 4am writing this blog post really motivated to write about what is your “why?”. It has been a crazy fun-filled weekend filled with friends, lots of food, late nights, sandy feet, girly drinks, and fire dancers....yes fire dancers ...setting trees accidentally on fire 😂. One of those weekends. But then today starts a new week. New goals to accomplish. Dreams to carry through. 

Always remember to go to sleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose Some of us feel like we wander though through the week. We just endure life, not live it. Are you not following your passions? What makes you tick? What makes you go? What is you why?

A year ago, I was that person. I woke up did the same thing everyday. I had repetition, which is key to maintain goals, but it was repetition that wasn’t making me excited. I wasn’t excited to wake up and seize the day. I didn’t know what was my motivation....until one day I hit my ultimate low and was diagnosed with two tumors (brain and neck). It was a moment of make or break. I let it do both. Break my past and make me anew. Go in with a new look on life and maintain it. I didn’t know what would happen next in my life, but I knew I would live life. Follow what I wanted to do instead of what people liked. No more people pleasing that is the biggest pitfalls of life. Don’t worry about approval. You only have one life to live. 

And then I fell was the most beautiful moment ever in an unlikely situation because right then I realized i could put the pieces together the way I wanted it to be. You don’t have to hit a rock bottom though to realize this. You can make change. You can break your monotonous, passionless mold now. We need to be excited, thrilled each day! Filled with passion, drive, and love! 

If you are still discovering your passion for life. Here are three steps to delving deep for what you actually want... 1. Meditate This sounds so easy, but each day wake up and meditate. Start out slow and build your way up. It clears your mind from the voices, from the clutter , and it starts your day out right. I think clearing the clutter from your mind will help uncover what you really want out of life. Meditation means being in the moment that you are in, free from distraction, closing your eyes, and feeling life now. 2. Visualize One of the best things to do is write or draw your life out for the universe to see, whether its writing your goals in a notebook or creating a vision board. To create a vision board, you can go online google images of where you want to travel to (if that’s your goal) or your dream job or your dream house put it on a mini or large poster board. Look at it everyday to remind yourself where you want to be. It is a reminder of your goals and your future. 3. Do Most people don’t think they are ready. In all actuality no one is ever really ready to achieve their goals. I feel like being prepared is great like you need to be prepared for an interview, prepared monetarily for the next step....but sometimes you just have to figuratively jump...dive into the goal. For me, it’s best to be thrown into the water and try to swim....rather than beat myself down about overthinking about a situation. Overthinking is the ultimate obstacle to achieving our goals. You’re like “I can never do that because of ...” or “they’ll never accept someone like me...”. Sometimes you just have to do what you want . Figure out different ways to get involved to include your passions, join the running club if you want to run a marathon even if you have never ran in your life, do the open mike night, talk to your crush, apply for the job...just do it! I hope my motivation message finds you well this morning and that you visualize and achieve your goals this morning and everyday for now on. You only have one life to live. Live your best life! Xoxo,

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