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Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was absolutely crazy and fun-filled. I go to Manhattan A LOT just for fun, and it's a good release to be away from the stresses of the hospital and the zillion of appointments I have. This summer for me has been a wild one. I had so many plans from a TV show to working to world travel and then those plans got slightly altered. Sometimes you just have to breathe and let go.

Manhattan is one of my favorite spots in the US. There is an endless supply of things to do, places to see, photos to capture. I love taking spontaneous weekend trips. It is what keeps my spirits up during this tumultuous process of radiation. This weekend all in all I have had 8 hours of sleep in a 48 hour span, because I was trying to "Seize the Weekend". After my flight being delayed 10 hours, I was about to call it quits and go home. Something told me to stick it out, and I did. It was totally worth it. Something I've learned this summer is patience. Patience with my health, mind, body, soul, and my path in life. Not everything is instant gratification and life isn't going to go your way. You just have to breathe and keep going.

In addition to my motivation and reflective rhetoric, each time I'm in NYC I find something new I love ❤️. This go round the cannolis and Ferrara Bakery have stolen my heart and my stomach. Vandal's cauliflower tacos are a guilty pleasure as well. Also, splurging at The Vintage Twin in Soho to create a killer one of a kind vintage jacket was totally worth it. Just to be away from constant check ups is worth it as well!

Have a beautiful radiant week!


Victoria Vesce

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