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Tis' The Season

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.”

— W.T. Ellis

Christmas is coming and so are all the extra hugs, kisses and cuddles!!

The heart overflows at Christmas time as the world comes together with a special love that unites us all❤️

Daisy and I are on our afternoon stroll around Charleston and stop along the way to get a hug or two in!

We love seeing the touches of red and green in the storefront windows! The air is filled with the scents of spruce, pine and fir that wafts from the wreaths and window garlands.

The red dress I’m wearing is festive and a great contrast with the green! It’s from

The hat is my style and adds a touch of pizazz!

But the show stopper is the little furesque bolero from Maris DeHart in Downtown Charleston, SC off Vendue Range.

Yes Christmas, I know you’re on the way and I can’t wait! ❤️

Watching and waiting....


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