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New year, New feels, New chances, same dreams, fresh starts.

With a New Year approaching, it’s time to great ready for a new chapter! The new year is always thought of as a fresh start, but to me it is a kick start that as each year passes we have to grow and get better! 

That’s my motto that each year is about growing and gaining. Entering the 25th year of my existence, I’m understanding so much more, and I’m excited for new adventures. 

This past year has been a wild ride from NYFW to hospital beds and radiation to NASCAR Championships to law school, but I know 2018 will bring better health, New Travels, and brighter dreams.

My resolutions this year are simple : stay healthy and happy and drink more water. Each year I make these grand resolutions, and it is always such an immense pressure. This year I’m keeping it simple. No expectations. Just going to live out my wildest dreams!

I encourage you to think about what you want this year to bring and your goals, but don’t pressure yourself. Know your limits and what you can do. And Have a Wonderful New Year! 

You know I dig rompers! This cute off the shoulder look is perfect for day or evening wear! Black is such an universal color lending itself to accessorize! I paired my romper with my Lolashoetique thigh high cranberry boots and my accessories are from the Lisa B. Collection! For an evening look just add some sparkle with earrings and matching necklace.

Come join Daisy and I for an afternoon stroll! We love meeting new people and downtown historic Charleston is the perfect afternoon stroll. 

I hope you all have a fabulous New Year! 


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